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Teaching our children about money

Parents, did you know your child is not taught in school about the concept of money? In other words, they are not taught how money works in their everyday life to survive in the real word. So, parents if you are going to want your child to know how to take care of themselves when they leave the nest; it’s up to you to show them.

How have you seen your child handle money when grandparents or yourself handed them some money? Have they had that sparkle in their eye and made the remark how they want to spend it right away, or do they say they will put it in their piggy bank to save it? I bet they say they want to spend it on something right away.  That can be a warning your child doesn’t know the true meaning of money.

They have no concept on how to manage money. If you don’t teach them that money doesn’t grow on trees, and how to mange their money to what it takes to live to keep a roof over their head when they leave yours and how to have more than a penny in their pocket at the end of month.

If you start early as 10 years old in having them sit down with you and watch how you pay the bills and how savings accounts work, this gives your child the knowledge how money works in one’s life.

Giving your child an allowance, make sure it’s being earned for a job around the house and done well, they are given an allowance which they should put away in their piggy banks for something later they might want and looking forward to. An allowance can start when the child becomes old enough to do chores like clean up their toys and do it on a weekly basis. For teens an allowance can be done on a longer term such as every two weeks to a month with some expectations of what they will pay for during that two-week/month from their allowance. This is an important lesson.

Teaching a child their money should be divided into savings, giving and spending and how they need to take a certain percentage of each depending upon what’s going on within your child’s life. This way they are learning what it takes in working with these three strategies the value of each but the freedom to spend some of their earnings.

Have your child sit down to help pay the monthly bills so they will see what it takes for everyday life to have the heat/cooling system and hot water for their showers and the lights at night or run the TV everyday and the WI-FI they want to run their devices. Even pay the insurance for the car and home and the cellphone bill. This gives an eye opener of what it takes to have all the things they need to save for to make sure they have all the things they love about their life. They also see the choices they have to make with their money to stretch, but how they might save on some bills to free up money for other financial goals

When you show your child how to enjoy saving as much as spending, you are giving  them a great lesson for their foundation about life. When you are living among your means also low below, you are showing them how to avoid financial failure. When you plan for life’s “what ifs” an emergency fund, the right insurance coverages, you are teaching your child an important valuable education there is. I would also show them how to balance a checkbook. If your teen is able to gather enough to have their own bank account, is a good time to give them the experience how a bank account can work for them. But just as you as a parent, know it’s up to you to teach this valuable lesson as they will not learn it from any school and will give you relief that you have taught an important life’s strategy for your child to go out into the world.


JoAnne Graham Fletcher

To introduce myself; I’m a writer who started what others might call “late in life.” I published my first novel back in 2000 after taking a writer’s course online with a company called Long Ridge Writer Group, receiving a novel-writing certificate .

I became interested in writing being an avid reader loving mostly romance novels. After reading, I would tell myself, “I could write a story.”  So I researched how to get started and finding a course online. I jumped in and here I am.   Hopefully I will become an known author as others .

I found, I could write about other interest by getting involved with blogging. I hope you will enjoy what you read by passing the word and yes, I hope all will like what I enjoy writing .

I’m in the process writing my next two novels. Yes, I have two going at the same time. Will post more on these two novels upcoming in future post.

As I promised I would post more on the two novels, I’m in the process with; I have one almost finished hopefully and even have a book cover already for publishing. This novel is about a ranch family and the inner happenings of not only running the ranch located in an Idaho valley along with other ranchers, but a brother love participating in rodeos becomes involved and accused of a death due to a fight with another young man in a bar. But then a secret evidence suddenly appears to being out the truth to hopefully release the brother of all fault. But to also bring on other problems to the valley never experience before.

The other novel I mentioned I have going, is about a young lady just graduated from college with a teaching degree. Not finding a job until she gets a phone call about a school located on a Navajo Indian Reservation which means her making a move to a place far from her normal life and away from her family.  Her first adventure brings her to diving across two states away before reaching her destination but also having to purchase her first household items to move into a housing provided by the school and learning the ways of her students life.

I guess my next project will be looking for a publisher who would like to take my novels. So till next time, I must move on towards this action.